Underfloor Heating
6 Benefits of Underfloor Heating
Underfloor heating could be a cleaner, more intelligent way to warm your domestic living space. Utilizing brilliant warm innovation, UFH gently warms the individuals and objects within the room specifically, from the ground up – encouraging a much more energy-efficient strategy.
  1. Energy Efficient Heaters
There are two types of radiant heaters: electrical systems and water-based systems. Both provide uniform and efficient warmth from the floor to the room.
Hot water systems generate heat by flowing hot water through pipes, and underfloor heating heats underfloor wiring to generate heat.
2. Easy operation
The main advantage of underfloor heating is that it requires almost no maintenance of the system after installation and Warmup has a comprehensive guarantee of all products, so you can feel completely safe.

The electrical system does not require regular maintenance, but the underfloor heating system should be checked from time to time to ensure that everything is working properly.
3. More space and freedom of design

With underfloor heating, you can enjoy the whole room without installing a radiator on the wall.

Imagine design freedom with underfloor heating, as even the latest radiators occupy wall space-you can decorate the wall, but make a real statement or minimalist regardless of style or need. 
5. Safety and Comfort

With underfloor heating, you don't have to worry about the sharp edges and hot surfaces of the radiator when you have a young family at home. The heating system is tightly hidden and does not get too hot
6. Ease of installation

The UFH system is easier to install than you might think. Suitable for both new construction projects and refurbishment as part of home renovation, depending on the scope of the project, the electrical and water system can be installed in one room in just 1-2 days.

4. Works with all Floor Coverings

Underfloor heating gives you the freedom to design your home as you wish, making the most of all the wall and floor space.


And you’re still free to choose the floor type that you want as floor heating works well with laminate, wood, tile, stone, carpet and more.

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