Bathroom Installations

Bathroom installations are different depending on the space and what you want to be fitted. Fitting of the features that make up a bathroom, including bathtubs, showers, tiles, vanities, toilets, and flooring all come into consideration when we do bathroom installs.

Prices vary and the space will need to be checked out and the products you want to be used. Book a quote now and we will arrange to come and look and then we will give you a quote for your new bathroom renovation.

Bathroom upgrade
Bathroom renovation
Bathroom Fun Fact
The average toilet will last for up to 50 years before it needs replacing.

Bathroom Fun Fact 2
The average person uses the toilet around 5 to 7 times a day, adding up to an impressive 2500 times a year. 

Bathroom Fun Fact 3
49% of all water in your household is from your bathroom. 17 liters of water is wasted per minute by a running tap.