Central Heating

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6 Benefits of Central heating

1. Comfortable
Warm water central heating provides a delightful feeling of engulfing warmth that is unavailable from other types of heating. It is the only heating technology that evenly heats your entire home, allowing you to utilise your home all year.

2. Healthy
A home with central heating maintains a consistent temperature, which is better for your respiratory system, and the soft radiant heat does not blow dust or allergies around, keeping your home healthy.

3. Efficient and Effective
Small amounts of heat distributed throughout a home are far more efficient than a single huge heat source. It also provides a more equal temperature distribution, making it far more effective. People feel significantly warmer when heated radiantly (e.g. radiators/underfloor) than when heated with air.

​4. Flexible

To get the optimum performance and cost benefits for your lifestyle, choose from a variety of alternative heat sources and heat distribution combinations.

5. Convenient
One of the most appealing reasons customers choose warm water central heating is the convenience of living with an automatic heating system. Typically, it's set and forget, but there are app-based control solutions that can provide greater flexibility.

6. Future Proof
A wonderful reason to invest in warm water central heating is the possibility to change how the system is powered during the life of the house. Installing underfloor pipes in a new home's floor slab during the construction stage is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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